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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

20 Insane ways to get Fired from your Job

No more wondering on “how to lose your job“, try these 20 killer tips, which will surely get you kicked out of your job and you can join the list of unemployed people. First you need to figure out the purpose of getting yourself fired, if you are absolutely certain then only try these tips.

Note: Try these tips at your own risk, the author of this post will not be responsible for your unemployment.

Stop Working – To start with, stop doing the work that is assigned to you.

Become the Excuse Expert – Give stupid and weird excuses to your boss on incomplete work assignments. It’s very important that the excuses should be lame and shall not seem to be a genuine one

Play pranks in the office – Bring a pet snake in the office or throw glue around the office chairs and tables. Cut the telephone wires and glue your bosses mouse to the table.

Keep messing around – It’s always beneficial for a person who wants to get fired off its job to create mess in the office as it really disturbs the fellow employees.

Sell your office on eBay – This one is hilarious and 100 percent effective, sell your office stuff on eBay and you’ll be on your way home with that much needed termination letter in your hand

Miss all the meetings – Never attend any office meeting and specially the most important ones.

Throw a party – Call your friends in your office and throw them a party on the office’s expense.

Lunch Havoc – Create a havoc during lunch by stealing your colleagues lunches from the office kitchen. Eat your lunch like an animal and make your fellow office mates disgusted

Listen to your favorite music – Take out your worst music collection out and listen it loud in the office. To add to the torture mumble songs in most horrible way in which you can sing.

The Big Fat Liar - Lie for each and every obvious thing possible, and make it obvious by lying about stupid things like I’m not at my desk or I dint received that file, etc.

Dress obnoxiously – Wear clothes that you wouldn’t even wear to the slumber party, try and wear clothes with rude slogans and gestures.

Be an Abuser - Abuse every second person around you, be it juniors or even your superiors the most horrible abuse or bad words anyone would have ever heard before.

Start a business – Start a business from your office and make it obvious in front of your boss.

Drink Alcohol – Get drunk while you are on the job, chew Tobacco.

Infect your office with a deadly virus – keep on inserting viruses in the computer systems every time it gets cleaned up. Try and destroy the important data files from the server

Spam your Office mates.

Spread rumors – Spread raunchy rumors regarding your boss and the assistant secret affairs and make it obvious that you are the person behind them.

Pet name your boss – Give your boss a disgusting pet name and make sure your boss gets to know that you are the one invented the name for him.

Steal things – Steal things from your boss’s office and keep them arranged properly on your desk so that he can notice that easily.

Take your boss out on dinner and never show up.

Well these were some very simple and crazy ways of getting fired, I hope you try them and achieve your goal easily.

Thanks to Shravan for this Article.


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