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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

5 Ways to Network on Facebook

These days, not many people are unfamiliar with the concept of social networking -- especially for personal use. What they are unfamiliar with, however, is how to use social networking effectively in their job search and career.
Maintaining a solid network is vital to having a successful career, according to recent research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Between the ages of 18 and 34, the average U.S. worker will hold nine different jobs. And at most, 20 percent of openings will be featured on job boards or in the classifieds, according to the BLS. Given these statistics, workers and job seekers must take their networking beyond cold calls to old friends or e-mails to past employers or referrals.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why People Start a Home Based Business

As the economy takes it's toll on the average person many of us find a need to either supplement an income or replace a lost income. There are many ways to do this but many choose to write online to make money. This type of home based business can offer many benefits and is relatively easy to start. I like many others found myself facing financial hardships with the failing economy. As a contractor in a small Midwest town the construction and remodeling jobs became fewer and fewer. With children to support along with myself I found it necessary to find a way to supplement my income with a home based business other than my contracting business. After a bit of research I learned that there is a demand for people who can write quality articles on specific topics. There are numerous writing jobs available and I will cover those as well as writing your own blogs or web pages to make money online.
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