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Friday, June 4, 2010

Why is it important for an enterprise to have compliance certification?

Compliance to international standards on quality, environment and social accountability has been universally recognized as one of the key strategic elements of product competitiveness in both domestic and international markets, along with price and delivery factors. Quality is the pre-requisite for successful market access and for achieving continued customer satisfaction.

The Standards and Quality Management program address the quality related needs of exporters and concentrate on institutional and capacity development in the export quality management.

International standards are used by companies that either want to implement their own in-house systems or to ensure that suppliers have appropriate systems in place. International standards promote international trade by providing one consistent set of requirements recognized around the world.

These systems and standards define and establish an organization's policy and objectives. It also allows an organization to document and implement the procedures needed to attain these goals. A properly implemented systems ensure that procedures are carried out consistently, that problems can be identified and resolved, and that the organization can continuously review and improve its procedures, products and services.

For example, ISO 9000 quality management system can enable your enterprise to increase profitability and customer satisfaction through reduced waste and rework, shortened cycle times, improved problem tracking and resolution and better supplier relations. The primary value of this certification is consistent delivery of a product or service to a defined standard and improved bottom line performance. It results into perceived higher quality product/service. The standards are voluntary or are required by the buyers. ISO certification also has a significant bearing on market credibility as well. Enterprises wishing to do business in Europe may have no choice but to adopt it as it is an accepted part of doing business.

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