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Monday, January 16, 2012

Why age matters in the workplace today?

Human resource managers are probably in a dilemma together today because of the age factor at work. With the aging of baby boomers who do not really know how to deal with them as they age. In addition, as a result, they are good in a loss to understand their impact on team effectiveness, retention, recruitment and employee involvement.

Age does not matter now because it is for all the circumstances of an individual. Since the nature of the decisions that they will do with the kind of results, age has its own effect.

Updating the bar is not an easy task for anyone, especially the human resources managers, the inherent difference between someone who is in his twenties, someone who is white, in his forties. In addition, particularly older not very open to change and learn new methods and processes, especially when they learn from someone younger than they have.
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